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Our strongly growing business will need hundreds of professionals in the next few years

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The Group has over 11,000 employees and production in 46 locations around the world. Umicore Finland Oy in Kokkola is part of Rechargeable Battery Materials (RBM), a global leading provider of cathode materials.

It focuses on electric vehicle and portable electronics battery materials, as well as energy storage. Cathode materials are critical components of Li-ion batteries and help determine how long you can talk on a phone, how far you can drive an electric car, how fast the battery recharges and how much energy you can store from your solar panels.

Umicore Finland Oy in Kokkola is the largest cobalt refining plant outside China and a big European precursor plant. Operational since 1968, our facility became part of the Umicore Group in 2019. Our manufacturing operations in Kokkola contribute to the Group’s growth strategy by contributing to the green transition towards cleaner mobility both in Europe and globally.

Our values focus on safety, respect for the environment and ethical sourcing of raw materials. In Kokkola, we manufacture cathode precursors (pCAM) for battery material production, which are further processed into active cathode materials at other plants in Umicore.

Umicore Finland Oy is now planning to expand the first phase of battery material production (pCAM) and its supporting refining operations to Kokkola KIP North region in the immediate vicinity of the current production. We currently employ over 360 people and our staff numbers are strongly growing. We employ many professions, such as operators, laboratory technicians, maintenance workers, engineers, scientists, specialists and supervisors.

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