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TETRA Chemicals Europe Oy

Calcium chloride has been produced in Kokkola since the 1960s. Today, Kokkola’s production unit – TETRA Chemicals Europe Oy – is Europe’s largest calcium chloride factory, employing around 50 people.

TETRA Technologies Inc. is the world’s leading producer and supplier of calcium chloride, employing approximately 2,400 people on five continents. The Kokkola factory belongs to the company’s Chemicals division.

For food, roads, agriculture and industry

The main raw materials for calcium chloride are limestone and hydrochloric acid. Versatile features are refined for different needs; from dust binding to moisture removal, as a source of calcium and for regulating water hardness. The product quality is selected according to the intended use: CC road®, CC tech®, CC farm® and CC food®.

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