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The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia or Kpedu, is an educational organization and an active participant in the development of the area.

We provide vocational education in a variety of fields: industry and logistics, construction, food and cleaning industries, business, IT and media, social and healthcare as well as natural resources. In addition, we provide liberal adult education. We have five campuses located in Central Ostrobothnia: Kokkola, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kälviä and Perho. Every year, we provide education to around 5000 vocational students. Considering both our liberal adult education students and those enrolled in our short courses, the total student count amounts to 8100.

Kpedu currently employs around 445 staff, of which 82% have permanent contracts. Over half of our personnel is comprised of faculty, and the remainder work in administrative and support positions, projects as well as food- and property maintenance tasks.

A customer centered approach, sustainability and community are our core values. We aim to ensure the wellbeing of our staff as well as encourage continuous personal and professional growth. We offer a vibrant work community, meaningful work, extended occupational health care, ePassiFlex and various additional benefits to maintain our employee satisfaction. Hybrid work is possible in some of our positions.

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