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Kokkola Industrial Park

Several international companies in the chemical and metal processing industry are located in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP). The companies are world leaders in several product market areas. Service companies operating in the region support the core operations of production companies. The companies in the KIP area have a common goal – to succeed responsibly together and separately.

Since the 1940s, KIP has developed from an industrial area formed by two Finnish state companies into the largest inorganic chemical industry ecosystem in Northern Europe.

KIP’s region is a strong export player: intermediate products, intermediates and final products produced by production plants are exported to several different industries, such as the agricultural and food industry, the battery, electronics and automotive industries, and the construction industry.


production companies

~1 MRD€
export value

service companies


1,5 MRD€

~1 MRD€
investments 2010-2021

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