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Welcome to Mehiläinen!

We have a wide range of job vacancies according to different interests. Our professionals support our customers throughout their life, from fertility treatments and childbirth to the final stages of life. Mehiläinen operates throughout Finland, but, in the Kokkola area, we have an especially active and growing medical clinic, as well as other locations.

According to Mehiläinen’s employees, we are flexible, reliable and developing employer. Together, we are building the best workplace for a professional by leading fairly and taking an uncompromising approach to quality.

Our staff genuinely enjoy their time with us and our strengths include successful supervisory work and our work community’s team spirit. We work together and take care of each other.

Each one of us Mehiläinen professionals is different. But one thing unites us all – we’re on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

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On a lifelong mission

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