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Centria University of Applied Sciences

Centria University of Applied Sciences promotes the welfare and development of the area in which it operates through education, RDI and cultural activities. Centria offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in the following fields of study: engineering, business, welfare, culture and humanities. Centria offers flexible and varied study opportunities, such as studying through educational pathways. You can also update your skills through open university of applied sciences studies and continuing education.

Centria is one of the most international higher education institutions in Finland – about a fifth of its students and some of its personnel come from abroad.

Centria is one of Finland’s leading universities of applied sciences in research, development and innovation (RDI). Every year it has around 100 ongoing projects, of which about a fifth are international. Centria’s campuses in Kokkola, Ylivieska and Pietarsaari have 4,500 students, who are the most satisfied in the country. The majority of Centria’s graduates are employed in Centria’s area of operations. In addition to satisfied students, Centria’s most important asset is its qualified and motivated employees. Centria offers its employees a flexible career path that allows them to develop themselves and their skills. When students and personnel do well, the whole region benefits.

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